Frances Wu
Age: 20         DOB: 09/13/1984
Location: Toronto, Ontario
School: Seneca College
Major: Fashion Merchandising
Occupation: Merchandiser at Chapters Inc.
Music: Differs by mood; sometimes Hip Hop, sometimes Asian Pop, all other genres happen in between
Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Photography, Web Page Design
Addictions: Shopping
Favourite Quotes/Saying:
"Can you do me a favour?"
Personal Message:
Hey everyone! Thanks for dropping by X-quisite. Feel free to poke your head around and check out what we have in stored for you. Having nothing but interest when we first began filming Harlem, I've definitely gained a lot in the past two months. Not only did I acquire knowledge and skills, in terms of producing the video, I've also collected many memorable moments along the way. Thanks Kenny and Tommy for making this a fun experience for me. I'll definitely be looking forward to working with you guys again in the future. To everyone else, remember: Keep smiling! :)



Kenny Ly
Age: 22         DOB: 09/24/1982
Location: Toronto, Ontario
School: York University
Major: Kinesiology and Health Science & Psychology
Occupation: CER at Chapters Inc.
Music: Alternative, R&B & Pop - Green Day, Weezer, Our Lady Peace, Westlife, David Tao
Hobbies: Surfing the net, Web Designing, Sports (Volleyball, Baseball & Hockey), Shopping, and Music (Singing & Playing)
Addictions: Coca Cola, Bubble Tea & TV (All signs of a couch-potato)
Favourite Quotes/Saying: "Home of the whopper, What's the beef?"
Personal Message:
Hey everyone, besides spending my time doing videos, my other passions are playing baseball, and volleyball. Thanks to all you X-quisite fans, you have given me more inspiration to keep working on videos. With the success of our first video 'Qing Fei De Yi' we've received a fair bit of hits, emails and guestbook messages. I've enjoyed the last several months so far and hope that we can improve and further satisfy you fans. We hope you can continue supporting us and please feel free to send us your inputs through email. You'll see more of us soon.

Terence Lau
Age: 22         DOB: 09/19/1982
Location: Toronto, Ontario
School: York University
Kinesiology and Health Science
Barista @ Small Talk Diner
Music: Alternative, Rock

Hobbies: Boarding & Basketball
Addictions: TV & Video Games (Definitely a couch-potato)
Favourite Quotes/Saying:
"Yeah I did the iggy"

Personal Message:
Hey, Hey!!
This is life, the one you get...
So go and have a ball.
Cuz, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum.
What might be good for you,
might not be good for some.
You take the good, ya take the bad,
Ya take them both and there you have,
My opening statement.
Sit Ubu sit, good boy.

Tommy Trinh
Age: 25         DOB: 05/14/1980
Location: Toronto, Ontario
School: University of Toronto (Completed)
Major: Computer Science
Occupation: Code Monkey for the Government
Hobbies: Multimedia Development, Volleyball, Blading, Reading
Personal Message:
Hello, welcome, and thanks for stopping by! This is a new hobbie that I'm taking up, so please don't be too critical of our first video ;) I had a great time working with these two individuals (I don't think the bloopers covered all the fun parts...haha), and I'm looking forward to future projects.

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