Hoobastank - The Reason

Release Date: November 26, 2004

The story was about a guy (Kenny) who had a girl who he mistreated quite often. She was dealing with the problems and his negligence until one day Kenny's phone was ringing with a text message. Stephanie (the girl) picked up the phone and read the message because Kenny was away from the scene. She read the text message and it said "I Miss You Baby". She instantly knew it was another girl the Kenny was seeing. She barged out of the house and ran home. She got so depressed and couldn't bare the pain of having Kenny treat her badly and losing him so she decided to give Kenny some problems and have him deal with her DEAD. So she decided to overdose on pills which eventually got killed her. Through out the video, Kenny is en route to the cemetery because he regrets what he did and how he treated her. He learns his lesson and becomes a changed man.

This video was done in two weeks time so please don't mind the lack of work that was put on this... and i mean it REALLY REALLY didn't turn out that great. Be aware that there is a big smudge in the center of the shots. Note to self: Always check the lens before filming. It really screws your film up. In conclusion, this video is crappy!! =)



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